Princess Principal: GAME OF MISSION v1.31.0 Mod Apk

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spy action puzzle game that challenge by tracing the block in the "mission"!
Formed a spy fellow and team challenge to the "mission"!
Attack the enemy confronting Trace the same color of the block!
As much as possible of the fellow has if Nazore the block "skills" and to attack at all "cooperative attack" is activated!
Whether clear the "mission" in the entire team!

▼ case start the one-shot reversal that can also be "C ball"!
When the stops to appear at random on the field there is a "C ball" block,
Time is a mystery the block occurs to ignore the color!
One-shot reversal is also possible if Nazore all the blocks!

▼ appeared to spy on 30 people or more! Also appeared in costumes that are not found only in the game!
In addition to the TV, which is the main character of the anime Angers Princess Dorothy Beatrice Tomoyo,
Game original character also appeared in a large number, divided to a total of 30 people or more of the spy and the team!
Angers us anime costumes, of course, appeared wearing a costume that can not be found only in the game!
————————————————– ———-

Genre: Spy action puzzle game
Price: Basic free (with some free-to-play)

【Operating environment】
Target terminal: XperiaZ2 more
Recommended OS: Android: 4.4 or higher

※ operation guarantee other than the operating environment, support, since the compensation I can not do, please acknowledge it humbly.
※ also in the case of use in the operating environment, this application at the customer's usage-model-specific factors



  • God Mode
  • One Hit

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